For purchasing gas EMC has developed a strategy with which risks are restricted. We look after the implementation of the total project, from logging the required information to setting up and managing the agreement.


EMC looks after or supports the purchase of gas for about 200 organisations each year. In most cases there is collective purchasing, which offers extra advantages.


There is a chain of players operating in the Dutch gas market:

  • The gas producers
  • Gas Transport Services (GTS), the manager of the national gas transport network
  • The gas suppliers
  • The Energiekamer (Energy Office), the supervisory authority for (among other things) the gas market.


Gas for the Dutch market is traded on the Title Transfer Facility (TTF) virtual market place via the APX-ENDEX exchange. In addition, suppliers buy gas from GasTerra, a Dutch international gas trading company.


For current information on market and price movements contact EMC.